The Downside to Renewable Energy.

WIND POWER - it takes a lot of space to have enough room to build a wind farm. The giant wind mills can't be so close that there is a chance for them to touch because then they would crash. There also needs to be enough of them in one place so that they can get enough power.
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HYDROPOWER - a big disadvantage to hydropower is the time to build them. They also could be a hazard to surrounding cities and wildlife. After many years of water running through it, it could wear down and cracks could form and in the end, it could lead to a massive break and the water will flood everything.
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SOLAR POWER - a disadvantage to solar power is that it isn't very efficient if you only use one panel alone. However when you have a double panel the efficiency increases greatly. Solar panels are very expensive to have, and work better in places where you can have many of them together.
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GEOTHERMAL ENERGY - since geothermal energy comes from deep within the earth, there needs to be a suitable spot to build a plant in order to be able to penetrate the Earth enough to reach far enough to find the geothermal energy. This requires a lot of space and time and money.
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BIO-FUEL - a big concern for bio-fuel is that adapting more lands to provide crops to create bio-fuel could have a negative affect on the species living there. Another problem is that farmers would be wasting their lands on growing crops for bio-fuel instead of food production. This would lead to a rise in prices and in inflation.
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